Baseboard in modern design

The modern design of interiors does not provide clear rules for the selection of such a decorative and functional element, as the baseboard. The plinth can be combined with any decor – such as doors, floor coverings, and windows. As a result, now such details can at all serve as “razies” of any room. You can focus on such an element, but you can make it completely invisible.

Choosing a decorative detail according to the color of the door. Such a solution is one of the most standard and obvious. With the help of a competent combination of the color of the skirting and the door, you will be able to integrate the second part in harmoniously in the interior, while it will not stand out. In addition, in this case, the baseboard makes the interior lighter and more airy.

The color of the baseboard corresponds to the color of the entire interior. This option is relevant in the case of small space. So, the border and the visually expanding room are dissolved. However, in this case, there are many nuances – doorways, plates, fittings, even cornices, all should be in the same color. You can just paint everything in a single color, which will create harmony indoors. In this case, the baseboard will not violate the general concept of the room.

In general, the choice of plinth, each person should make, depending on their tastes, preferences, premises, in which the material will be mounted. And if you choose the right material then your room may become or become special. After all, the baseboard, like any other, can act as a “raisin” room.

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