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The main advantage of our company is that we work with both wholesale customers and individual customers.

This allows our customers to purchase a product with a decoration for various design solutions, the desired style in the right color and the required configuration, with the condition of observance of all technological processes such as, as drying of wood, selection and machining on high-quality equipment of leading European manufacturers.

The use of polyurethane varnishes or coatings with lifting oils is carried out on mechanized l niyah Italian production that minimizes the human factor. In the premises, the temperature and humidity levels are controlled all the time, which affects both the quality of the unfolded product and the quality of the coating.

Thus, we control the quality from the harvesting of timber to the packaging of the finished product.

Our story

The company was established in 2005. The first products at the enterprise were manufactured at the request of one of the divisions of the IKEA International Group, these were glued parts for furniture that demanded high precision of production.

Having gained good experience, we started production of finished products, namely plinths of various configurations, and subsequently launched a production line a parquet board from an array, and subsequently a two-layer board. With the commencement of the production of finished products, the question arose about the purchase of quality raw materials, namely technologically properly dried wood that pushed us to purchase “Smart” drying chamber that works on waste products. It also partially eliminated the problem of the accumulation and storage of these wastes.

Today, the company has two such cameras. With the growth of the material and technical base and the stability of production in 2011, the company managed to enter the markets of other countries. We realized that we have to offer our consumer a finished product. After all, the end consumer can not always appreciate the quality of the product because decorative or protective coatings, which are not always well-trained, have damaged the routine and diligent work done so far. At the same time, we did not want to produce a mass product and restrict the consumer in colors or additional finishes, such as bracing (board aging), patination (underscoring the structure of wood) and others.

Under the conditions of production, we remained flexible enough to provide any tastes or preferences our customers. From the beginning of the coating were applied with pneumatic paint spray guns, which was not very economical and not ecologically, as about 50% of the material simply escaped into the air, and the costs fell on the shoulders of the same end-user. The decision was hydrodynamic application, which made it possible to save about 30-40% of the material and reduce emissions. There was a question of the influence of the human factor on production.

So, in early 2017, a mechanical line was introduced for the application of oil-waxes and oils, and an automatic line for varnishing. So today our client has the opportunity to buy a product from a Ukrainian manufacturer who will compete on an equal footing with the best foreign counterparts, at the same time leaving them out of competition …

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